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Maintaining Your Rental Investment. Hints and Tips for Preventative Maintenance.

investing real estate Sep 14, 2016

We know it’s our responsibility as a landlord to make certain our rental property is a safe, habitable place to live and is up to code.   It’s equally important to take care of our investment.  For all of these reasons, regular maintenance is vital.

It’s much better to know about and repair the leak under the faucet, than wait until it grows and results in water damage.  Maintenance times are a great opportunity to check in with tenants, ask if they are aware of any issues that need attention, and develop your working relationship with them.  Tenants will appreciate your dedication to maintaining the place where they live.  Through these actions, they will see that you care.  In addition, this is an opportunity to check on their upkeep of the property and look for signs of potential tenant infraction of the lease/rental agreement, like illegal actively or more occupants than on the agreement, (e.g., more beds than people on the...

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