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Q:  I have supportive friends/family, why do I need a coach?   

A:  Congratulations on having people who love & support you. However, friends and family can’t ask the type of questions I ask.  As a professional certified coach, I use all of my superpowers (decades of experience, training, related college degrees, and compassion) for YOUR highest good.  I focus on helping you learn how to obtain your best life, overcome the obstacles tripping you up and gain more successful results in life.  Together we will discover what’s authentically vital to your best life and relationships, how to generate energy, how to have consistent follow through with action steps, confidently act on your purpose & take your productivity to a newer, higher level.

My goal is to help you wake up excited about YOUR life.  I’ll be honest, it’s not all sunshine & roses in the process, and that’s another reason your friends and family aren’t the right fit for the job, I’ll be asking you hard questions about how you REALLY feel and think and teaching you scientifically proven methods, strategies, and habits. You’ll learn what’s not serving your personal & professional life goals, consider this, it could be you that is standing in your way! BUT don’t worry, I’m here for you. 

You’ll learn methods to implement, new habits and mindsets to get you out of that rut, also wonderful ways to help you process emotions and how to pivot to inner joy.

Many of us can make a resolution to make those goals happen but how many follow through…in fact statistics show it is only 8%.  Read that again! 

Certified High Performance Coaching is scientifically proven to produce change over the long term.  This is NOT just the latest trend. I’m glad to provide you with the imperial data report.    

Walk with me, step by step, and improve consistent actions for the biggest impact on your dreams. I’m here for you. In addition to listening to your deeply held values & dreams, I’ll reflect on your current perspective to help you determine if they fit with the life you dream of today.  I’ll cheer you on, coach at each step, and teach you tools to enhance your best life over the long term.

Q:  How do the sessions take place?  

A:  No drive time. We meet via Zoom video conference platform. It’s easy!


Q:  How does this work?

A:  We will explore what’s in your life, what is important to you now and for your future.  Depending on which opportunity you register for there is a focus, BUT my coaching is holistic, so even if you're signed up for Master Your Money, we'll still be talking about LIFE. 

I'll teach you fresh habits and how to overcome distractions that are digging into your happiness to get results toward your best life. Along the way, we'll both learn more about each other. I use a specific framework that has proven to provide success for thousands and thousands of people. 

My coaching is holistic and centered on growth. I use a scientifically proven method specifically designed and use neuroscience, positive psychology, and so much more. Faith & values are integrated, encouraged, and honored in the process. 

A few of the topics include: 

  • Clarity: Be more clear on what you want for your life & future. Imagine, your decisions can be SO much easier when you’re clearly focused, intentional, & living with purpose.    
  • Control/Agency: Learn to feel more comfortable making directional choices. Learn how outside influences can vandalize your success and joy. Learn how to be balanced, confident & decisive.  
  • Energy: Improve your energy to accomplish those amazing things you have planned and enjoy your loved ones more. Energy is health and so much more. 
  • Courage & Calm Boundaries:  Learn how to be more courageous & calmly confident with healthy boundaries.  
  • Productivity: Make most of your time, learn how to design your actions aligned with purpose & reduce stress. 
  • Relationship and communication:  Enjoy more positive people in your life, personally and professionally.  Develop a better connection and relationship with your new communication skills.


Q:  What’s the difference between you and other life coaches I’ve heard of and you? 

A.  As I understand it, other life coaches are people who have gone through some big things in life and decided to be a coach.  That might be nice of them, but I’m not comfortable with that. 

I am professionally trained, and certified, with decades of experience helping people with their LIFE and MONEY.  I have college degrees in Behavior Science (psychology), Business, and Entrepreneurship.     

Not everyone who says they are a life coach is experienced, educated, certified, competent, & trained at the highest level. I encourage you to check their qualifications. 

I was recently astounded while listening to a podcast of someone who promotes themselves as a coach and claims they “studied” coaching & counseling. Come to find out they read a book and have no qualifications or life experience, they are great at marketing!  Upsetting and dangerous, in my opinion.

Not only am I extensively trained. I am certified, educated with multiple college degrees targeted for coaching with decades of experience working with people; life as a whole, personal finance, & wealth building. I also work within a network of certified coaches and the CEO does the same methods I do with you. He works with people like Oprah and her staff, Paulo Coelho, and more. There are guidelines and continuing education I must follow to keep my certification.

As a mother of adult children, successful real estate investor, business owner, I also have decades of experience helping others in their life, money, education. I have overcome extreme adversity, which helps bring additional insight and wisdom to my coaching practice. Life has dealt me triumphal victories and success, also extreme challenges including a recent near-death experience that included a medical coma, multiple broken bones, and a traumatic head injury, wow, so many life lessons. Click above on "About" for more details.  

Q:  I’m not sure, how can I feel more comfortable with coaching?

A: Can I ask you a couple of questions that I think can help? 

First, let’s explore.  

  • Are you tired of how your life is going right now and not getting results that you really want and need?  Now turn that around...How would it feel if your life was “on track” and more exciting?  Be honest. 
  • Are you ready to set aside time each week to live purposely, have more fun, and enrich your relationships? It would be exciting if I could just infuse you with greatness, but the truth is whatever you're willing to put into this process is what you'll get out of it. 
  • Are you open to learning and practicing proven methods that can transform and enrich your life? Feeling teachable and willing? 
  • Are you willing to be cheered, guided, and take action toward your goals?  Step by step. After all, life is practicing new skills.  

**If you are reading this, you’re ready. It’s your time and it only takes one step of courage. Risk-free guarantee for every client, it's a great way to make sure coaching is right for you.  Click Here - Learn more and Register. 


Q:  What’s next? How do I sign up? 

A: Click Here to see what is currently available.  It’s easy.   



Q:  Who are your clients & what do they say after working with you? 

A:  I work with some amazing people in all walks of life, who have made a decision...a brave decision to get unstuck & level up their life. People who realized what they were doing were NOT WORKING and are ready to advance their career, personal balance, relationships, and inner life.  Click HERE to see what others have to say. 

Q:  I'm afraid I'll be judged or you won't like me.  How do you feel about different perspectives and lifestyles different from yours?  

A: I'm so glad you asked.  This is a BIG one for a lot of people. They're afraid of being judged and are concerned that after I get to know them I won’t like them or won't be accepted. I want to you know this is a "judgment-free zone".  Please read on. 

I have coached and serve a wide variety of people from ALL walks of life. 

Why am I so open? My personal core values are based on compassion and kindness. This means I meet you right where you are on your life journey. 

Judging others does NOT fit with me personally or professionally..it’s like a shirt that is way too small. Believe me, I understand the pain of being judged.  It's happened to me and it feels terrible. 

My motto is to "stay curious”.  None of us know what others are going through. I share compassion whether I understand where you're coming from and also when I don't.  It's that simple.

I love the process of getting to know you and creating an environment of venerability and trust to help you have MORE happiness, clarity, and success in your life. When someone is being judged it holds them back from LIFE, love, action, and makes them feel stuck. No one likes that! 

If you're ready to have more joy and move forward in life, awesome, you'll enjoy coaching with me in an open loving environment where we can discover what is holding you back and how to overcome it with a fresh perspective. Check out what others have to say about working with me.  Click HERE

Q:  I’m a Christian, Buddhist, Law of Attraction, atheist, or _______.  I want someone who will respect my faith, can you do that? 

A:  Respect & kindness is the foundation of my life and coaching.  I'm dedicated to respecting your core values.  

One of the most profound moments in my life, was when I was in a terrible place and needed help. I knew deep in my heart that I needed to step outside of my “circle”.  I took that courageous step, it was the best thing I ever did. I got the help I needed, learned what was authentically going wrong in my life, grew exponentially, and found amazing caring people who respected me and my core values all along the way.  Not only is your faith & values respected, it’s also encouraged.     

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