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Brilliant Ladies Coaching Group. 

Opening soon! 

Brilliant Ladies. Bring your SHINE to LIFE! 

Enjoy bringing your best beautiful... inside & out to let it shine! We ladies spend so much time, thought, and energy considering others, work, and keeping the roof from falling in, that we don't always take care of our own life.

I'll be teaching scientifically proven coaching methods to help you have MORE of the best in life, and honor YOUR core VALUES. 

  • Create BALANCE
  • Easy systems to create FREEDOM to get more done in less time with clarity and focus.
  • LEARN communication skills to be heard, GAIN influence, and healthy BOUNDARIES. 
  • CALM CONFIDENCE that supports your goals and future.
  • Break the rules and live beyond the inner voices that tell say you're not enough.
  • Learn methods to ease anxiety, gain body confidence, and SOOOO much more.  

You'll have support in this amazing tribe of like-minded women lifting each other up. This is a drama-free zone!  

I'm so excited to introduce this to virtual coaching. 


**This is YOU time. You deserve to live more consistently with joy, clarity, energy, and purpose, so let's get started.  Action is your next step to winning the day!   Click the "Start Here" button and complete a simple 10-15 minute questionnaire to get you started on your coaching journey, it's FREE. 




Per Month

  • Weekly coaching with Leann, Certified High Performance Coach to help you get clear on where you are, where you want to go, and what habits and strategies get you there faster.
  • Scientifically proven methods to enhance &  optimize for long-term consistent success.
  • Support & Connection from Leann & other Brilliant Ladies in the Group.
  • Clarity & Energy to bring more of your best to life.
  • Learn how to overcome accidentally sabotaging your dreams.  
  • LIVE Sessions. Recorded for when you can't make it in your Members Library.
  • Cancel at any time.

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Per 6 months

6-month membership with bonus.  It's like getting one month FREE!

  • Same benefits as the monthly membership.
  • Surprise BONUS! 

14-day FREE trial on all levels

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Per 6 months

Coaching + Private Coaching with Leann.  That's only $66/mo.

  • You get all the same benefits as Basic & Elevate. 
  • PLUS LIVE!  (1) One-to-One coaching session with Leann. 
  • Surprise Bonus from Elevate + MORE!
  • Get laser-focused on your highest goals or help to overcome an obstacle in your session.  Click below for more details.

14-day FREE trial on all levels

Group + Private Coaching

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Personal 1:1 Private Coaching with Leann - Certifed High Performance Coach. Speaker. Leader. Ordained.

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