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Design A Life You LOVE


Grab the chance to....Enjoy a life that you design with your best in mind.

Balance & Purpose in your personal & professional life. 

Wake up with passion for the day.  


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I'll teach you how to discover, design, and implement next steps for financial freedom and a life you love!

A life filled with Passion, Purpose, and Plenty.



*Personal & Professional Life BALANCE
*Clarity & Confidence
*Joy & Mindset
*Communication, Influence, & TRUST


*Your Unique Priorities 
*Strategy & Steps - Dreams Materialize
*Consistency & Continuity
*Aligned with WISDOM & VALUES. 


*Prosperity & Financial FREEDOM
*Reduce Stress - Increase Success & Joy
*Overcome Sabotage
*Accelerated RESULTS!

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Hi, I'm Leann

As a Professional Certified Coach, I will teach you HOW to have more Clarity, Focus, and Motivation. Help you move FORWARD in your life journey toward your best life. Go beyond barriers holding you back and honestly fulfill your goals and dream.  Get excited.  

Ready for more Balance, Wisdom to enrich your life & build WEALTH?

I am certified and trained in scientifically proven methods, hold 3 college degrees, and over 25 years of experience all focused for YOUR success and RESULTS!

Join me & see for yourself. 

Design a Life You Love!


Dream with me for a moment. 


What if your current thoughts & habits stay the same....what does your future look like in 5 years, 10 years and more?  


Don't be held back, YOU are designed for more.
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Meet some of the wonderful people I have served on their life journey.  

 "I come away from our sessions challenged and excited. I had NO idea how much I was blocking my goals."

Certified High Performance Coaching Client

"Coaching with Leann helped me get clear so I could buy a house.  My life was not where I wanted it. She is very understanding. Now my credit cards are all paid off. I'm making new decisions, life is better than it's ever been. This is a great investment, and I saved thousands...."

Financial Coaching Client

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It is my mission to help you have MORE!

- BALANCE, WISDOM, & WEALTH, that is directly built on YOUR values...Personally & Professionally

- CLARITY & Momentum that directly lead to goals & dreams materializing, not just wishing amazing things were happening in your life.

- OVERCOME sabotage sneaking in to block your success, I'll teach you how.  

- FREEDOM & Balance makes life easier, reduces stress, and creates a deep sense of confidence in your life and money. 

- WAKE UP excited to conquer your goals with focus and get more done is less time.  It happens for thousands who experience this exclusive coaching.  I'll teach you how step by step. 

- FINANCIAL conversations with your partner can pivot from a stumbling block toward an authentic connection point.  You'll learn how to navigate & improve communication..even about MONEY! 

Design a Life You Love. 

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Especially in these uncertain times, LIFE & FINANCIAL Coaching can provide support and help you be more balanced, focused, and cope when it feels stressful.   

I use scientifically proven methods, coupled with compassion to coach & teach your how to bring higher levels of balance, clarity, influence, improve relationships and communication, plus get more done is less time!  

Design a LIFE You Love to uniquely represent who you want to be at your deepest level.  

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