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Design A Life You LOVE


Enjoy a successful life with MORE Passion, Purpose and Plenty. 







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Hi, I'm Leann.
I coach people how to discover, design, and implement next steps for financial freedom and a life they love!



*Balance Personal & Professional Life

*Clarity & Confidence 

*Joy & Mindset

*Communication, Influence, and TRUST




*Your Unique Purpose   

*Strategy & Steps - Dreams Materialize

*Consistency & Continuity

*Alignment with Your Wisdom & VALUES.   








*Reduce Stress - Increase Success & Joy

*Overcome Sabotage

*Abundance & Financial Freedom

*Accelerate RESULTS!



Consider this...what if you your thoughts and habits stay the same as they are right NOW, how does your future look?  Next year, 5 years, and more.     
Don't be held back, YOU are designed for more.


It's my mission is to help YOU have MORE! 
BALANCE, WISDOM AND WEALTH that is directly built on YOUR values for more Purpose, Passion, and an Abundant life of Plenty......Personally and Professionally.  

I'll help you have MORE:

  • CLARITY and MOMENTUM that leads to dreams materializing, not just wishing amazing things were happening in your life. 
  • FREEDOM and BALANCE can make life easier, greatly reduce stress, and create deep sense of CONFIDENCE in your life and MONEY.      
  • PASSION! Ready to wake up excited for the day knowing your next steps to conquer your goals with focus and get more done in less time? It happens for thousands who experience this exclusive coaching.  I'll teach you how, step-by-step.  
  • Identify ways sabotage is sneaking in to block your success, then I'll teach you how to OVERCOME it.
  • Deepen TRUST and connection in significant personal and professional relationships.
  • MONEY can be a stumbling block or a step of connection.  You'll learn how to navigate and improve communication...even about money!     
  • And so much MORE!   
As a Professional Certified Coach, I teach people how to find and create balance, advance and enrich their life, and build WEALTH. I am certified, trained in scientifically proven methods, hold 3 college degrees, and over 25 years of experience all focused for YOUR success and RESULTS!
Design a Life You Love. 
Start today.  
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Design a LIFE of Your Dreams

A Life You Love does NOT happen by accident, it's by Design.

I'm on your team!

In these uncertain times, Optimal LIFE Coaching can help you be more balanced, focused, and cope when it feels like the world is spinning. 

I coach use scientifically proven methods, coupled with compassion to help you use your values to have a higher level of balance, clarity, influence, improve relationships and communication, plus get more done is less time!  

Design a LIFE You Love to uniquely represent who you want to be at your deepest level.  

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Work with someone who has been trained by THE best.

After teaching people on money and life skills plus running successful investment business for decades, I learned my next step is to serve on a deeper level. So I added degrees in Behavior Science and Business to my expertise and sought out the absolute best life coaching certification. 

I found THE world’s leading high-performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed, personal development trainers in history. named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.” I'm privileged to be one of the elite Certified High Performance Coaches trained and certified. I went for the best, so I can be and bring YOU the BEST.  

More about Leann

"Coaching with Leann gives you fresh PERSPECTIVE."  

Real Estate Investor

"Leann Hall proved to be a great asset to my investment strategy and personal growth. I went to Leann for help in planning my future investment directions and ended up with that and more.


Leann's High Performance Coaching Clients say:

"Leann helped me get a lot done in a short amount of time."

 "I come away from our sessions challenged and excited."

 "Leann made all the difference in restoring my marriage......

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"Leann's..pierces through any cloudy mental haze or confusion as a calm voice of reason and understanding..."

 The Best Way to Predict Your Success and Accomplishment is to Design it!  

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