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Design A Life You LOVE

with Certified High Performance Coach

Leann D. Hall





Tired of waiting for your dreams to HAPPEN?

Let me help you discover your next steps
overcome things that are holding you back
and teach you scientifically proven methods for

Coach with Leann
Certified High Performance Coach


*Energetic Confidence

*Life Balance Technics

*Mindset Skills

*Eat, Hydrate, & Move for Enjoyable Thrive 



*Freedom & Choice Expansion

*Life Design Creation & Optimization

*Wealth Management & Building 


*Alignment with Values 

*Passion with Spouse/Partner

*Development of professional connections



It's my mission to help you develop your health, wealth, and happiness.  Plus:

  • Find clarity and and live your unique PURPOSE.
  • Raise energy and maximize time so you can enjoy your PASSION for life.
  • Teach relationship tools for increased CONNECTION and INFLUENCE
  • Activate your full potential to optimize your professional and personal SUCCESS. 
As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I customize High Performance Coaching to help you create and achieve RESULTS in the areas that important.  
It's easy.  Register today and experience life coaching. 
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Coaching and Consulting with Leann helps you get PERSPECTIVE and RESULTS


Frequently Asked Questions

What's it like to coach with Leann

Just a few of the wonderful people who's lives have transformed
after coaching with Leann.

Real Estate Investor

"Leann Hall proved to be a great asset to my investment strategy and personal growth. I went to Leann for help in planning my future investment directions and ended up with that and more.

She is an effective listener and I always felt engaged and part of her focus. This was key because.......

Leann's High Performance Coaching Clients say:

"Leann helped me get a lot done in a short amount of time."

 "I come away from our sessions challenged and excited."

 "Leann made all the difference in restoring my marriage......


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"Leann's..pierces through any cloudy mental haze or confusion as a calm voice of reason and understanding...I strongly recommend her to anyone who is considering a significant life change or needs someone to work with towards a personal goal."

Work with someone who has been trained by THE best.

After teaching people about money and life skills plus running successful investment business for decades I decided to level up even more and add degrees in Behavior Science and Business, then sought out the absolute best life coaching certification. 

I found THE world’s leading high-performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed, personal development trainers in history. Oprah.com named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.” I'm privileged to be one of the elite 250 Certified High Performance Coaches trained and certified. I went for the best, so I can be and bring the BEST for YOU.

My EXPERIENCE helping people rise higher, finding passion and creating vision using clarity and strategy will give you the confidence to have and be -- MORE.

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Information.  Inspiration. 

Live your best life.

I never sell or distribute your contact information.  

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