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You see people who look like they’re doin’ it.  They’re not just surviving, or just getting by; they are having a good time on the journey.  They are getting things done, enjoying their job, family, friends, and they even invite you to drop by their place.  It’s great, they’re fun to be around.

How about you?  What is your version of success—are your happy?  Do you enjoy life’s challenges and victories?   We all know when we look at others, it’s our perception as we interact with them and their public persona.  That aside, what does success look like for you?  Yes, a bit of the public you, but mostly the real you, behind closed doors.  Maybe they are similar, maybe not.  Think for a moment, what is important to you, how would you like to live to feel successful?

Think for a moment about your ideal life and jot down the answer to these questions:

  1. When you dream of your ideal life, what are you doing?  Is your job the same as it is now?  What’s different?  What about the way you spend your time outside of work?  
  2. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?  Are you excited to start your day?  Is that feeling any different from how you experience your life now?  Why or why not?
  3. What are you thinking about each day?  Are you thinking about how wonderful your lovely spouse is?  How your investments are doing?  Or perhaps about the new app you’re working on; what do you project that you’ll be thinking about in this ideal life?

Enjoy tapping into the vision of your best self.  Now that you can see it in black and white it will give you more insight into the real you, and enable you to get to know your goals, dreams, and priorities.

The big question now is how?  Where is the path to the land of a happy, successful life?  You wrote it down, you want to see and live it.  It’s time to get there.  The big picture you created is vital to connecting with your dreams and determining steps to success.  Today, one step.

First, let’s look at what is making your life hard and holding you back. It’s only one little thing, but can be a dragon guarding the doorway to the dream…the fabulous happy life.  You have SO much to do, we all do.

You feel like there is no end.  You will never get everything done.  Your list of things-to-do is never ending, and it feels terrible.   In frustration you turn on the TV, or internet and you’re “busy” but really you are distracting yourself from the feeling and the list; it’s too tempting to escape the pressure.  It shows up when you’re trying to sleep or you just want to relax and enjoy life.

Are you tired of paying more in time, thought and energy and not moving forward? Done with missing out on fun in life because of the weight of lack of accomplishment?  It’s time to get off this exhausting, abysmal treadmill. One step can make all the difference in the world.

To move forward you need to realize it’s that it’s all about a way of thinking.  Perspective is the only thing standing in your way.  Don't waste your time on excuses, instead remind yourself, little things are little things.  The only thing standing in your way is you tricking yourself into thinking that 10 minutes is big.  It only takes 10 minutes, unless procrastination sets in, then it takes days, weeks, and months.

Success-oriented people have learned that doing ordinary things leads to an extraordinary life.  They have learned that giving energy to procrastination, creates dread and stops progress.  They know this secret and know it opens the door to create a sense of more time and more bandwidth.  No more wasting time thinking of the same things over and over again.  When a project is complete we get the sense of accomplishment, enjoyment, time and energy.  Success-oriented people understand how to bring calm to their work and personal space for increased productivity and life satisfaction.  They have learned that little ordinary steps lead to great achievement.

When it’s time to get that report ready for the boss, schedule the time, turn off the wifi, set a voicemail saying you will return messages, and do the report. Nothing else.  If someone walks into your office, explain and you will be happy to get back with them and tell them when if you can.  Set yourself up for success by thinking it through and make a plan.  Schedule time for the project, get water and snacks and take a 5 minutes bathroom /stretching break every 50 minutes to keep your mind fresh.  Do it.  Set a timer and resolve to stay on task until the timer goes off and not before.  Do not allow squirrels (distractions) to carry you away.   You know others are getting things done and creating the life they want, you can do it too.  This is just one example that holds true to all aspects of life and your list.  Start today.  Now.

A little step with giant results toward your best life and puts you in a position of success, wealth creation, relationships…the life of your dreams.    Enjoy.

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