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Traits of the Unsuccessful People


I had a lot of fun recording this VIDEO for you.  An interesting way to mine out how to be successful is to study what the unsuccessful people are doing consistently to block their success.  Ironically it's not difficult to make minor adjustments toward success.    

Hope you enjoy.  



PS.  Here's what I've been up to in my coaching....building community with a focus on health.  Real health, not just eating more veggies.  This is born of my excitement around feeling SO much better in my personal life.  My facebook group "Health Journey" is growing like crazy and I'd love for you to join us, it's FREE. 

The goal is to help others learn and grow within a supportive community and push me even more, I'm starting a new coaching offer called "Health Journey Monthly".  It's promoting a healthy lifestyle, elevating energy, mindset adjustments, and so many life success tools.  It's one per...

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Genuine Miracles

It's the first of April and Easter. Around this time of year, I remember so many amazing new starts, insights, and fabulous gifts (blessings). As I was recounting the abundance on so many levels, I decided what better way than to celebrate.

Personally, I think appreciation and being grateful bring even more miracles and awareness of them. 

A small fuzzy one came into my life when I adopted this fuzzy little soul 7 years ago today. One Sunday afternoon she picked me out at the shelter in Sandpoint, I was moving so couldn't have her yet. She was there 3 months later when I moved and drove 3 hours to go pick her up. She's such a fun little cat traveling with me all over the northwest, learning to do tricks like a dog, and teaching me a lot about life.

Join me in celebrating the miracles that have are happening in you and all around you.



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New VLOG - "Why Be Normal?"

why be normal? Mar 09, 2018

Thinking and doing the same things over and over again leads us to the same places.  In this first video of "Why Be Normal?"  I talk about how a thought might be holding back success.  

Check it out.  

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