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Genuine Miracles

It's the first of April and Easter. Around this time of year, I remember so many amazing new starts, insights, and fabulous gifts (blessings). As I was recounting the abundance on so many levels, I decided what better way than to celebrate.

Personally, I think appreciation and being grateful bring even more miracles and awareness of them. 

A small fuzzy one came into my life when I adopted this fuzzy little soul 7 years ago today. One Sunday afternoon she picked me out at the shelter in Sandpoint, I was moving so couldn't have her yet. She was there 3 months later when I moved and drove 3 hours to go pick her up. She's such a fun little cat traveling with me all over the northwest, learning to do tricks like a dog, and teaching me a lot about life.

Join me in celebrating the miracles that have are happening in you and all around you.



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The FUN of Holiday Communication - 9 Quick Tips

life relationship Dec 06, 2017

This blog is brought to you from a life---mixed with eccentric relatives, fun and laughs, bumps and bruises, added to a degree in Behavior Science. Hope you enjoy.

Our friends and family know us RIGHT?

So they should understand us! Haha....

If that were true we would never have fights and disagreements that end with us saying “I thought you meant….”. The holiday gatherings are upon us. So, let’s just say it can things can happen.

Are you clear in your communications? Let’s face it grandpa doesn’t understand all this technology, how can you connect with him? What about all the arrangements of where, when and the all important what to eat!


Here are 9 quick tips to grow your communication skills and hopefully improve the holiday season celebrations.

1. It's been a long year and you haven’t seen these people/relatives for months or years and you don’t remember what they like or do for a living. Treat them like you might approach...

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Too Many Friends?

life relationship Oct 24, 2017

A Shortcut to Love and Happiness.
No, it’s not a gimmick.

It’s been proven. Factors that bring joy, fulfillment, contentment and a deep sense of connection and meaning are relationships! Friendships, romantic, family, and even acquaintances can be emotionally, physically, and intelligently stimulating and fulfilling. But sometimes the relationship aspect of our life could use a bit of a tuneup.

“Lookin' for love in all the wrong places”, as the song says, is what happens to many. We spend our life in relationships that merely fill time. They’re empty conversations with people who don’t care or are unavailable. Eventually we notice the void and how it’s eating away at our soul and leaving emptiness and loneliness. Instead, you have a resource for kindling relationships as close as your phone, and we know how close that is most of the time! Your contact list.

It’s full of people who already care about you and you care about them....

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