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Genuine Miracles

It's the first of April and Easter. Around this time of year, I remember so many amazing new starts, insights, and fabulous gifts (blessings). As I was recounting the abundance on so many levels, I decided what better way than to celebrate.

Personally, I think appreciation and being grateful bring even more miracles and awareness of them. 

A small fuzzy one came into my life when I adopted this fuzzy little soul 7 years ago today. One Sunday afternoon she picked me out at the shelter in Sandpoint, I was moving so couldn't have her yet. She was there 3 months later when I moved and drove 3 hours to go pick her up. She's such a fun little cat traveling with me all over the northwest, learning to do tricks like a dog, and teaching me a lot about life.

Join me in celebrating the miracles that have are happening in you and all around you.



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New VLOG - "Why Be Normal?"


Thinking and doing the same things over and over again leads us to the same places.  In this first video of "Why Be Normal?"  I talk about how a thought might be holding back success.  

Check it out.  

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The FUN of Holiday Communication - 9 Quick Tips

This blog is brought to you from a life---mixed with eccentric relatives, fun and laughs, bumps and bruises, added to a degree in Behavior Science. Hope you enjoy.

Our friends and family know us RIGHT?

So they should understand us! Haha....

If that were true we would never have fights and disagreements that end with us saying “I thought you meant….”. The holiday gatherings are upon us. So, let’s just say it can things can happen.

Are you clear in your communications? Let’s face it grandpa doesn’t understand all this technology, how can you connect with him? What about all the arrangements of where, when and the all important what to eat!


Here are 9 quick tips to grow your communication skills and hopefully improve the holiday season celebrations.

1. It's been a long year and you haven’t seen these people/relatives for months or years and you don’t remember what they like or do for a living. Treat them like you might approach...

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Too Many Friends?

A Shortcut to Love and Happiness.
No, it’s not a gimmick.

It’s been proven. Factors that bring joy, fulfillment, contentment and a deep sense of connection and meaning are relationships! Friendships, romantic, family, and even acquaintances can be emotionally, physically, and intelligently stimulating and fulfilling. But sometimes the relationship aspect of our life could use a bit of a tuneup.

“Lookin' for love in all the wrong places”, as the song says, is what happens to many. We spend our life in relationships that merely fill time. They’re empty conversations with people who don’t care or are unavailable. Eventually we notice the void and how it’s eating away at our soul and leaving emptiness and loneliness. Instead, you have a resource for kindling relationships as close as your phone, and we know how close that is most of the time! Your contact list.

It’s full of people who already care about you and you care about them....

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I got SOOO much done today!

Is that how you’d like to feel?   Me too.

This morning was a bit unusual but it reminded me of some great tools to increasing productivity and the feeling of satisfaction of accomplishment that brings. It’s worth if for the mental connection and calm that can be obtained.

First off, today I have no car and no wifi. What!!!
All of the sudden the “Urgent. Service Immediately” light came on the dash of my car.  I flipped a U-turn and headed straight to my favorite import repair. Thankfully easy to fix, but the car is there for the whole day. No wifi as I attempt to get caught up at a house on a house I have on the market in a very small town in southeast Washington. No car. No wifi.

For a lot of people this would be debilitating or a huge diversion from to their daily goals.

Really it’s been one of the best mornings in a long time. Setting up your day so that it’s devoid of distraction and the obsessive pulls in life and society is very...

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Don't let winter get the best of you.


The cool weather at night is reminding us that FALL has arrived and winter is on it's way.   Are you ready?

It’s time to put away the summer gear and switch toward Fall. Being proactive with winter weather preparations can not only save you money but also headaches. Shorter days are happening! It’s a good time to finish the outside projects or do repairs before the short winter days and icy weather get here.

Take a look at this list and get your personal home and rental investment properties comfortable, safe, and ready for the season.

-Walk around the exterior of your house and property, look for signs of damage. Check out the roof, siding, and foundation so you can schedule repairs before winter weather hits. While you’re there, how do those gutters and downspouts look? Full of leaves. In good condition. Clogged gutters and drains during rain or snow can damage your roof, soffits, or siding. If you aren’t comfortable with heights, hire...

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What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about 1031X


April Meeting:  Portland Passive Income Investor's Group.  

  • Plan for future investments.  
  • Make better investment decisions with more information.  
  • Be informed of tax liability options and if deferring paying taxes makes sense for your situation, BEFORE you sell.  
  • AND have fun doing it!  

We have the privilege of having an attorney and owner of a successful 1031 Exchange business with 25 years experience specializing in 1031, share with us this month.  

"What Every Investor Needs to Know about 1031 Exchange", even in the Portland Metro market.  War stories thrown in for extra learning and humor.  Bring your questions and ideas for tentative future plans to run by  and we'll all gain value from the discussion.  I've used them for immediate and help with future planning.  Think you will enjoy.  

Looking forward to seeing you there.  

 Click here for sign in and meeting location. Looking forward to a great...

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Begin the Journey...........


 Where will the road take you next?

You decide!

For most people buying a home or investment property is the largest financial investment of their lifetime. These decisions aren’t made every day.  Experience and skill acquired with years of exposure may be hard to accumulate.   SO many details:  location, size, condition, financial considerations, etc.

Along with finding a home to enjoy and an investment, it's important for it to fit into your life plan and your personality. the property going to meet my expectations for profitability in the future?

Invest in help with your decisions to secure your financial future and save you years of regret and thousands of dollars. Contact me and I'll help you to find your goals and dreams and create a strategies for life implementation and wealth building.  

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Extraordinary Results with One Simple Step

You see people who look like they’re doin’ it.  They’re not just surviving, or just getting by; they are having a good time on the journey.  They are getting things done, enjoying their job, family, friends, and they even invite you to drop by their place.  It’s great, they’re fun to be around.

How about you?  What is your version of success—are your happy?  Do you enjoy life’s challenges and victories?   We all know when we look at others, it’s our perception as we interact with them and their public persona.  That aside, what does success look like for you?  Yes, a bit of the public you, but mostly the real you, behind closed doors.  Maybe they are similar, maybe not.  Think for a moment, what is important to you, how would you like to live to feel successful?

Think for a moment about your ideal life and jot down the answer to these questions:

  1. When you dream of your ideal life, what...
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Overcoming "Analysis Paralysis" - Meeting


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Overcoming "Analysis Paralysis”
Taking Small First Steps in Building Passive Income Today
Do you Like the idea of building life changing passive income streams, but you’re fearful about getting started?  I'll be speaking on this topic October 25th in Tigard, Oregon.  Come and join other people interested in creating income streams through passive income to build wealth. 
Email me for time and location. 

Discussion will center around:

  • Taking conservative first steps to investing.
  • Finding deals in any market, even if the real estate or stock market is at an all time high.
  • Balancing aggressive investments with conservative decisions to bring down risk.
  • The fine line between between being an informed investor and over-researching to the point of avoidance.
  • More about assessing personal risk, time horizon, comfort level, and more.

  Look forward to seeing you...

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