Genuine Miracles

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It was Spring, around this time of year, I like to consider all the wonderful new starts we all get to enjoy.  Spring flowers, the trees budding, even new insights and inspiration after the dark winter.  As I was recounting the abundance showing up on many levels, I decided what better way than to celebrate.

A miracle came into my life when I adopted this fuzzy little soul 11 years ago. One Sunday afternoon my kids and I were enjoying walking through a rescue shelter in Sandpoint, Idaho.  My oldest said, "Mom, she's picking you out", he was right. 

The apartment I was living in did not allow pets, and even though I was moving in three months I knew the landlords would absolutely say NO to a temporary situation! 

Hmmmm....would she be there in 3 months when my house was ready, unlikely.  The time was exceptionally full working as a business consultant at a domestic violence shelter with a huge fundraiser coming up, plus so much more in life. 

Three months was a long time to wait, for her, me, and my kids but honestly the days flew by and the day I got the house I called the shelter in Sandpoint, she was there! A three-hour drive and we all enjoyed a quick shopping trip for her needs and away we went.  

She's such a fun little cat traveling with me all over the northwest, learning to do tricks like a dog, and most of all, teaching me a lot about life.  Most of the time it's the little things that can teach us the greatest lessons.  

Join me in celebrating the miracles happening in you and all around you.



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