About coaching with me

I help people design a life they LOVE, personally, professionally, and financially, as a certified high performance coach.  

Many people hope they’re going to be an amazing parent, have a secure and comfortable financial life now and in the future, and hope their most important relationships stand the test of time with joy and avoid the pain of divorce dividing the family's love and wealth.  


I use a balanced integrative approach.  Using the 3-legged stool analogy, if all three legs aren't strong the whole stool will fall over or will soon even if it's not easy to see now.  I help clients build strength and confidence.  Some main topics include but are not limited to wealth building, advanced communication skills, clarifying focus to bring about personal and professional goal attainment, techniques to be more productive, courageous, purposeful, and have the energy to get things done.  My coaching is committed to my client's unique goals and dreams.  


In addition, I also consult for individuals sorting big life changes.  Some examples of recent clients are the death of a spouse who needed help learning to manage multiple complicated investments, relocating real estate investments across the country with a specific future retirement plan in mind weighing different methods with tax consequences and family implications in mind.  Marriage in trouble needed perspective and communication tools.  Client with a very generous cash flow but not gaining ground financially as they would like.  

About Me
After teaching people money and life skills plus running my successful investment business for decades, I decided to integrate advanced communication & psychology methods to served my clients more holistically. This has allowed me to serve in an integrative way to enhance mindset, money, motivation and move beyond life's disappointments. To accomplish this I added degrees in Behavior Science (Psychology) & Business to my expertise, then sought the absolute best life coaching certification. I found THE world’s leading high-performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed, personal development trainers in history. Oprah.com named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.” I'm privileged to be one of the elite Certified High Performance Coaches trained and certified. I went for the best, so I can bring YOU the BEST.  
Design a Life You Love with Passion, Purpose, and Plenty.  
My mission is focused on helping people to believe in themselves and achieve MORE of what they genuinely desire. My focus is you and YOUR goals and dreams.
My extensive experience, education, business leadership, coaching, and teaching is directed with focus, kindness, and passion to lead & inspire discovery and design of YOUR best life. 
I'm a professional coach. Certified. Trained. Educated with degrees in Psychology, Business and Entrepreneurship.  I also work within a network of professional certified coaches.  My trainer does the same method and technics with people like Oprah and her staff, Paulo Coelho, and more.
Leann Hall Coaching and Consulting. You and I will dive in to what's important to YOU.  I'll coach you and share scientifically proven tools to bring YOU clarity, focus, balance. Coaching with me helps you to have MORE connection and influence in your personal and professional life, have more energy, focus and increased productivity to help to go faster and farther toward the life you really want, toward YOUR dreams.  Yes, at times I'll be walking with you through some challenging topics, COURAGEOUSLY and I'll be right there with you. Best of all, coaching from the privacy and comfort of video conferencing. No commuting!    
I use a holistic approach, I believe that is the best for YOU.  Coaching on one aspect or only asking you how you're doing each session is like trying to sit on a 3 legged stool with only 1 or 2 legs! Talk about out of balance! That's why raising levels of your success holistically serves you significantly and notably increases life satisfaction, leading to growth, more connective and communicative relationships at work and home, happiness, financial health and wealth building.
Having a profitable financial portfolio is fantastic and it’s even more secure & exciting with a recession proof foundation.  A balanced approach results in whole life success. It's a better life if relationships, career, & happiness are intact! This holistic approach complements Certified High Performance Coaching and is why I use it to transforming lives, careers, finances, marriages, and relationships.
MORE freedom, balance of work and home, prosperity, communication skills for influence & connection. More of the good things in life.  
We will talk a lot about getting better results and raising to higher levels of achievement with a plan so you can achieve further success.  It's discouraging going it alone. I understand, People are struggling. I lead with compassion.  Come along with me, I'm with you all along with way.  I'll be inspiring your self-discovery with great question, teaching you how to be more effective, and best of all, on the fast track in your personal and professional life.
My methods are based on science, strategies and questions that the most accomplished people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive. Knowing these will transform your life.
In addition, I integrate this holistic approach in Highline Coaching and Consulting where I assist clients interested in building their financial portfolio using real estate by looking at the big picture. Everything is taken into consideration: life/family circumstances, cash flow, and resources are analyzed; then I help clients create a strategy for successful wealth building.  
I love to help those who are interested in living a life of financial freedom.  I teach individual and groups financial foundations and wealth building for a life of ease, an environment set up for success and a new way of living.  In addition, I am personally completely debt free!  
My vision is for YOU….to facilitate ah-ha moments and excitement in new self-discoveries, plus tools to help growth and passion on this journey in seeing…you can do it, you are not alone, the steps to fulfill your goals are right around the corner. This is an investment in finances, time, your purpose and productivity that can show dividends right away and over the long term.
Drawing on my wealth of business experience, formal college education and personal background to help you invest in your future by developing a plan that suits your needs and desires. Below are some of my qualifications you might find helpful.
  • Certified High Performance Coach 
  • Practical and successful experience, expertise and knowledge in real estate development, management, and investing in the northwest. 
  • Owned and operated a motorcycle dealership.
  • Owned and operated residential rentals from single family to an apartment complex.  
  • Pioneered business startups, developed profitability and managed staff through everyday challenges. 
  • Raised and home educated my three children while concurrently starting and running a storage unit and rental business.  The storage unit business started as an old farm that was renovated to have the house rented and the pasture escalated, units built and developed into a successful storage unit business.
  • Served on boards of directors, one as board president and completed numerous volunteer projects.
  • Graduated college with Honors: Behavior Science (Psychology), Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship. 
  • Licensed Oregon State Real Estate Broker #201214085
  • Ordained Minister with 6+ years Biblical & Faith Studies. 
  • Additional Classes and Certifications
    ◦ IRS Qualified Tax Preparation - VITA
    ◦ Domestic Violence Conference Speaker
    ◦ Relationship and Conflict Resolution Training
 I am excited to share Certified High Performance Coaching with my clients and utilize my business and real estate expertise, interpersonal communication focus, analytical skills, and strategic development experience to develop strategies for the best in my client's lives.   


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