Leann Hall Coaching and Consulting

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Certified High Performance Coaching

Proven methods to help you have more of what you want in life, plus move forward toward you best self.  Feeling stuck or know that you could have MORE success in life, relationships, work or business and have more clarity, purpose and productivity about what you really want in life.  

  • Individual one-to-one private coaching.  

12 session course meeting with Leann either weekly or every 2 weeks, to be determined with agreement.  BONUS helps for your individual needs to help you go even further.  Check my website for more details on the program and pricing.  

I help people move from feeling uncomfortable, stuck or bored to designing a life that they love.

I help people positivity impact their relationships, career, life dreams, mindset, and even wealth building. While we're at it, we focus on moving the needle toward personal definition of success, building a supportive team and through it, helping discover what might be holding back their goals from materializing.

Have enough impact in your life personally and professionally?
With a focus on Life Design, the vital area of relationships are coached to increase influence, collaboration and interaction, both personally and professionally. I enjoy teaching scientifically proven success tools to form new habits and perspective to move a person toward their dreams and bring Life Design Coaching to the discussion for more active focus for life and investing.

When meeting with people we use LIVE video conferencing meetings. It's really simple and we get to diverge from Portland traffic or a distance challenge and enjoy a quiet private environment.


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