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A Turning Point.  One sunny morning at the county fair with my children, my daughter got my attention saying, “Mom, I don’t feel right”.  I looked over and the whites of her eyes, were yellow and blood shot. She looked and felt horrible.  

After several doctors and odd test results, the answer seemed to be alternative medicine and nutrition.  I became obsessed studying nutrition for hundreds of hours and found a highly recommended physician in Seattle.  I became her food practitioner, taxi to Seattle, and SO much more on her healing journey.  It was a long road.  At one point, she was a year behind in school.  But we kept on track through the weeks, months, and years…one day at a time.  Food, hydration, sunshine, and so many other technics are genuinely medicine.   Now, she’s a professional woman leading a team of dietitians in her own wellness practice.  

We can’t wait for SOMEDAY to improve health and to live your best LIFE.  You never know when someone you love is going to need YOU.  Take the steps NOW.  

"I am passionate about helping people to believe in themselves, teaching obtainable goals and skills to achieve health, wealth, and happiness.  My focus is you and YOUR goals and dreams."

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Resources and Really Good Ideas!

I love anything that can make life a little easier. So let me help you hit the "Easy" button with a things that have helped me.

Gotta have healthy FATS

Here's my favorite. Brain Octane Oil

I love this in my coffee, added to guacamole, plus drizzled on salad and roasted veggies. Start with a teaspoon and work up to one to two tablespoons a day for burning fat for energy and brain health.    

Feed Your Brain

Fry and Saute'

Love buttery richness?  

Don't like burning the butter when making your eggs or sautéed veggies or meats.  

You'll love this! Scrambled eggs come out light and fluffy.  Use to replace your current cooking oil. 


Buy Now!

Want Sweets?

Sometimes you just gotta have it.  Nutbutter & Berry Muffins.  Preheat oven to 350.  In bowl place 1 c. nut butter, 1 egg, 1/2 c. milk choice, 1/2 t. vanilla mix until smooth.  Stir in 1/2 t. baking soda & pinch of salt.  Fold in 1/3 c.  blueberries.  Divide into 8 muffin cups.  Bake for 14-17 min.

Feed Your Sweet Tooth


"It's not breakfast without pancakes" says my boyfriend.  

If you're looking for a delish way to make pancakes and waffles these are grain free, no sugar, low glycemic.  

Honestly, I think they are shockingly good, and I don't even like pancakes! 

Breakfast is Here

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. "

Mahatma Gandhi


Keep going - there's a link below

Avocado Oil

Check out all the health benefits.  

I use it for cooking all the time, alternating between cooking oils.  Also very soothing for the skin externally.


Buy Here

Gut Health, Skin, and Joint Health.

Not everyone wants to make their own.  Highly recommended for gut health in my research and experience. Organic, 100% Grass-fed beef bones.     


Get some here


And I didn't even think I liked coconut!

 These satisfy my sweet tooth, up my healthy fat.  Organic.  Not perfect but amazingly close for a "dessert".  


You need these!

My Supplement Journey

Hope this helps you find one that suits you!

He didn't even slow down!

Using these were transformative for getting my brain health back.  

Sitting at a traffic light in my car, I  was hit by a driver who was texting.  He didn't even slow down.  Confusion and an awful concussion.  These helped with memory, energy, cognitive function, alertness and focus.

Brain Health

2nd Step

Wow, I was a mess.  

I was getting my brain health back but eating all the wrong foods.  Thankfully I was taking these or I would have been more sick.  

Love having them all ready to go in packets. Saves so much time. 

Buy Here

My latest step

I love these! 

Started taking these about 4 months ago.  I feel amazing and I think these have upped my feeling of well-being.  The thing I like the best is NO vitamin burp and super easy to digest.  

Huge list of benefits.  Check it out at the link.  

Buy Here

MORE Great Things to Try

Anti-inflammatory Properties?

Organic Cinnamon

High Source of Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory properties, and helps fight diabetes are just a few. of the benefits I found in my research.      

Order Here

Cancer Fighting Properties?

Organic Turmeric

What!!! The sources I found said it has Cancer fighting properties.  Check it out for yourself.    



Collagen Protein


I've used these 2 different protein powders in my morning drink, smoothie, and added to soup.  

I've really noticed an improvement.   


Collagen Peptides

 Improves hair, skin, nails and joints, ligaments, tendons

I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin and nail since using collagen.  My thought if this healing is going on in the outside, it's likely it's helping the inside!  


Hemp Hearts

I was a little skeptical. 

But then I opened the package and they smelled and tasted so good.  An easy add to salad, breakfast "oatmeal", and more. 



Buy Here

Tired of drinking plain water?

This is fabulous in your water each day to add that flavor you're looking for and aid in digestion.  Grab some Grapefruit and Wild Orange while you're here.


Buy Here


Want the health benefits of cacao and the flavor of chocolate.  Yes, please.  Add to fat bombs.  Make hot chocolate KETO style.  So many possibilities.  It's chocolatey goodness.  


Shopping without the drive!

Cacao Butter - new to me!

White chocolate! 

I use these to make white chocolate fat bombs-3 ingredients.  Last time added  lemon essential oil on this page-White Chocolate Fat Bombs!  WOW!

What could you make?

Salt with Minerals

Cooking and adding to your water or coffee. 

Comes with a grinder and extra salt.  


Buy Here

Coconut Oil

Great for cooking or using as a supplement to up your fat intake.  



Get your coconut oil here

Chia Seeds

Soak in water and added to a  smoothie.  Make Chia pudding.  Heart Happy.  


Chia Pudding!


These are dangerously good.

Only lasted a couple of days in this house.  


Have some FUN!
As an Amazon Associate and doTerra Wellness Advocate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I personally purchase items as claimed and am not given promotional gifts to advertise.  

Add some Crunch

Miss the crunch of chips?

Me too.  These satisfy and I love them with a salad or soup as a nice salty side.  


Enjoy the Crunch

Goes through TSA

Creamy Delish.  

Had just started KETO and had several trips planned.  This was PERFECT.  Think I'll try Chocolate next.  



Easy Gut Health Boost

Water kefir is SOOO easy.  

This "won out" for me, it's easy, has a very mild flavor, and least expensive way to keep the probiotics going each day.  It's transformed our gut health.  

Give it a try. Click Here


I call it the "Fountain of YOUTH"

I can't say enough about this.


We've got to be washing away the "garbage" stored inside our bodies, especially when making dietary modification.  Come on, help a liver and kidney out!!  

This baby goes with me everywhere.   With a goal of 100oz/ per day, it gets filled and consumed about 4-5 times before bed. 

Getting more water bottles to create a hydration system like I mention under "NEW for Summer". 

Other colors and styles

NEW for Summer

These are insulated! 

Fill 3 (21oz) tp keep you on track to meet your hydration goals.  No need to keep track how many times you've filled.  When they're empty 63 oz done!  So Easy.  

Unique things about these Healthy Human water bottles.  Well, first the name, isn't that fun.  The shape is easy to hold, most of the others are too big around to comfortably hold.  A handle on top carry them everywhere you go.  Look at those fun colors and designs. 

Fantastic quality on top of all.   

Pick Your Favorite!

Enjoying cool water ALL day!

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 24 hrs Cooling & 12 hrs Keep Warm. Powder coating Scratch resistance. 

Water can help:  body fluid balance.  Control calories.  Energized muscles.  Good looking skin.  Keep your kidneys happy.  Maintain bowel function.  One woman I coached had just gotten out of the hospital due to her bowels not functioning properly.  She's been SO uncomfortable and scared.   After we got her on adequate hydration, her problem cleared completely.  She was happy for my help and to be feeling health restored.  She was also VERY upset realizing inadequate hydration it cost her a hospital visit!  

Powder Coating on Exterior

Get Movin'

Get out and shine!

Stretch.  Walk.  Breath.  Cycle.    Take Brain and Eye breaks every hour.  

Use proper footwear to support YOUR fantastic body.  

Diet = Restriction.

Eating Method = Choice, Freedom, and Health

What does your health journey include?  You decide. 


Check out the details.
Health Journey Monthly.

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Rest and Restore

 Need I say MORE!  

Sleep.  Garden.  Out on the town with friend(s).  Be near the water. 

Enjoy simple times with your People and Pets.  




Recipes for YOUR Health Journey

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