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Courage. Confidence.

Meet Leann

I am passionate about helping people to believe in themselves and achieve MORE. 

Health, Wealth, Happiness, and MOST of all, improved outcomes. My focus is YOU and YOUR goals, dreams, and most importantly RESULTS. Extensive experience in coaching, teaching, education, business leadership, psychology, and life is directed with focus and compassion to help you find and create action steps toward YOUR best life. 

Get off the roller coaster of doubt, frustration, and knowing your life could be MORE.  You deserve a FULFILLING PURPOSEFUL LIFE!

Check out each program below.  it is my goal to provide you with as much information as I can to help you make this exciting decision to optimize LIFE.   Contact me if you have questions, I'm glad to share. 


You won't be sorry, give it a try!! 

There is nothing like experience, so that is why I'm giving you this opportunity for a FREE.  Limited Quantity.  

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Customized Results

Real Estate Investor

"Leann Hall proved to be a great asset to my investment strategy and personal growth. I went to Leann for help in planning my future investment directions and ended up with that and more.....

"Click here for MORE of what Todd has to say.

-Todd Smith

Life and EFT Coach

"Working with Leann was a dream come true. She is very knowledgeable, professional and has a natural talent for seeing invisible obstacles. Leann is also very patient and listens with keen clarity, always knowing how to lead the discussion into discovery..." MORE from Penny.

-Penny Sisley

Featured Offerings

Certified High Performance Coaching

Personal. Professional. Coaching.  Giving you RESULTS.
TIRED of struggle and frustrated decision making? 
We'll focus on helping you get clear, increase productivity, increase influence personally and professionally and SO much MORE. 
Productive steps to get you there. Results NOW!

There's More Meaning to Life when YOU Design it that way!


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Personal.  Professional. Giving you RESULTS.  
We focus as a group on results for personal and professional development with excellent results driven coaching.  The power of group provides built-in accountability and the opportunity to work with other high achievers.  
Success and Influence at work and home.  Happiness, Connection, and Productive steps to get you there. Results NOW!
There's More Meaning to Life when YOU Design it that way!

And just like all the other options, there's never a commute so you can live anywhere. We'll use video conferencing and have a great session. It's easy.

If the group agrees, I'll record it, so you'll never miss a session, even if LIFE gets in the way.    


Let's Keep in Touch

FREE - Creative strategies. How to purposefully design your life for the best outcomes to accomplish your goals and dreams.
Something interesting each time. 
Design a LIFE you LOVE for Health, Wealth, and Happiness.
****Written for busy people who like to get right to the point.
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