It's your time. 

Let's Go! The longer you wait, the more of your dreams go unfulfilled. 

I'm Leann and ever since I was little, I've loved learning how some people's dreams come true and others don't, even with similar opportunities and influences. Since then I've made it my passion to use my extensive training and experience helping people build wealth and live with joy.

Join me.  Design a Life You Love that is uniquely yours and put money to work for YOU! 

Let's Go!

We are in this together!  

No adventure is complete without a guide to help you get to your designation. My decades of experience and training are here for you to gain greater and greater confidence over your life and money. 

Discover what is sabotaging your success, learn to overcome obstacles and pivot to gain control of your money.  Get it working hard for you, instead of disappearing before your eyes! 

Design a Life You Love.    

You'll have fun in the process with me as your guide.  We'll meet monthly virtually with other fantastic like-minded people who are also ready to conquer their worry over money and go after their dreams.  Yes, you will also retaining your privacy!

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Don't be held back. 

You are designed for abundance!  

What path are you on?   

It's so easy to loose focus when we don't understand the complexities of personal finances and wealth building. Join me and gain the knowledge and confidence you need. Don't buy or invest in things you don't understand. 

Gain wisdom and insight to enhance your life and FUTURE.  

Without clear goals, we wander!

Have your ever gone shopping for one thing and come out of the store with "cool stuff" you hadn't really planned on buying, can't really afford, and honestly don't need. 

Advance your clarity, wisdom, and pivot to make focused decisions and have more financial FREEDOM. 

Life is short. Do what matters!

Wow, it's so hard to choose. Constant advertising tempting us to spend, spend, spend. That's life without balance.  Join me to design a plan that makes sense for you and your family. Without a plan a goal is just a dream. 

Sign up today and can take confident action toward your success with wisdom, joy, and build WEALTH.   


What if your money habits stay the same as they are right NOW.  What is your future in 5 years? 20 years?

Don't be held back, YOU are designed for more.


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