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My focus is you and YOUR goals and dreams.

Real Estate Investor

"Leann Hall proved to be a great asset to my investment strategy and personal growth. I went to Leann for help in planning my future investment directions and ended up with that and more.

She is an effective listener and I always felt engaged and part of her focus. This was key because I always felt important to her and it made me want to be more accountable to my tasks.

I came away with not only a formalized plan but with some added motivation and clarity as well.

Leann Hall's services are going to be a part of my plan going forward."

-Todd Smith

Life Coach

"Working with Leann was a dream come true. She is very knowledgeable, professional and has a natural talent for seeing invisible obstacles. Leann is also very patient and listens with keen clarity, always knowing how to lead the discussion into discovery. Specifically she assisted me in seeing where I was pushing too hard and not allowing myself to flow. Pushing was a worn out habit based in fear and it was such a relief to let it go! She also assisted me in seeing that though I was committed to my dreams on an emotional level, the outside structure needed to come into alignment. This one shift changed everything! I am very thankful for the heightened clarity, support and inspiration I received while working with Leann and I will always be thankful!"

-Penny Sisley


Check out how you can Design a LIFE you LOVE
Define success
Build Confidence and Relationships
Many other important topics toward Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"Leann is the person I turn to when I am too close to a situation to see it objectively. Her advice pierces through any cloudy mental haze or confusion as a calm voice of reason and understanding. She is my "take a step back" person who helps remind me what my view consists of so I can refocus on where I am going. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is considering a significant life change or needs someone to work with towards a personal goal."

Cathlin Stewart, MA LMHC ACADC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Advanced Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor

Kimberly Spencer

“Leann is a true pro. She helped me realize how to communicate my needs more effectively and have more courage to speak up, lean in, and ask for what I want. Thank you so much Leann!”

"I was at a challenging point in my life where I was experiencing some long-standing issues that didn’t seem to be improving at all.   I knew Leann as my friend of three years and when we first talked together of the idea of some personal coaching, my mind resisted slightly by telling me I was ‘too busy’ now to invest my time and resources in this area.  However I recognized a committed authority in her presence, along with a genuine desire to help me learn new tools and strategies that might help breakthrough some of the ongoing patterns that were restraining my growth.
 Leann is gentle and compassionate, and this shows strongly in her work.  She also has great listening skills.  There were times just before a session,  when I felt a bit frustrated or pessimistic about certain trials I was facing.  But through our work together, she was able to swiftly identify some of my own limiting perceptions and beliefs, and offered new ideas or perspectives that later worked to help me experience both a lighter spirit, less pressure, and more positive change in my life. 
 With true gratitude and confidence, I recommend Leann – to help you too in achieving your own goals and dreams." - John Aicher

Leann's Real Estate Consulting Clients Say:

"No matter your level of expertise, Leann will challenge you, help you get more, create strategies and have fun doing it."

"I can tell she cares."

"Leann is easy to connect with and trust."

Real Estate Agent

"I have known Leann Hall for several years now as a friend and in some business ventures. She has always been a good listener when I needed an ear and is non-judgmental. I have been in some very dark times in my life, and it was an honor and a blessing to have Leann give me encouragement and positive reinforcement in my personal life as well as my business."

-Candy Baker

So many people don't LOVE their life, or even like it!  How about you?

Crushing it. Connected. Have desired the level of SUCCESS.   

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Check out how you can Design a LIFE you LOVE, define your success, build wealth, and many other important topics.  

Leann's Certified High Performance Coaching Clients say:

  • "Leann helped me get a lot done in a short amount of time."
  • "She leads with kindness."
  •  "Leann helped me to find my joy, I'm dancing again."
  •  "I come away from our sessions challenged and excited."
  •  "Leann made all the difference in restoring my marriage.  She taught me how to communicate with love and courage.  The fun is back"  
  •  "Leann's coaching expertise helped me determine what I wanted and needed so I find a home and make a good financial decision all in one transaction. Coaching is a great investment, it saved me time and thousands."

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