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We coach to help you adapt the changes in life, gain clarity, balance and perspective.
I'll guide you to discover, design, and implement habits and actions to your best life and pivot where needed and optimize important aspects of life. YOU can beat the curve personally and professionally. 
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Tired of your dreams getting lost in the chaos? 

Change your mindset and habits....change your world! 
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Gain Confidence!

Why are some people so miserable and others have an undeniable confidence and a joy that shows they are genuinely in love with their life.  When you watch them for years you notice they have learned to maintain success, joy and purpose over decades.  It's not an accident, it's step by step successful actions and habits that I can help you create for a legacy of a lifetime.   

Invest in YOU and make it happen!

Career, grandchildren, and significant decisions can't wait! 

Your Best Life.

Each week, Leann meets with you online.  No commuting and safe social distancing. 

You'll get best life strategies, how to implement success tools, help overcoming obstacles, identify self sabotage, and an experienced perspective.   

Surprises bonuses too! 

Step by step to significantly feel more empowered, and have more CONFIDENCE, JOY and ENERGY!

Learn to be consistent and successful over the LONG term! 


Optimal LIFE Coaching will help you ADAPT, gain CLARITY, BALANCE, AND PERSPECTIVE.  

*Joy, Purpose and Energy to have more fun and get things done! 

*Clarity and Productivity on the important things in life

*Improved communication and relationships. Even more PASSION for life.

*And so much more! 

With easy first STEPS. 


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Please reach out to me if you have questions about coaching or concerns about signing up. 

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Leann is...
Certified, Experienced, & Educated.

I use scientifically proven coaching technics, degrees in business and psychology, and over 20 years experience to help YOU have more clarity, purpose, connection in your relationships,
more energy and passion to help you achieve the goals
and success you are seeking.

By taking part in this transformational group program you'll get life changing strategies to reach YOUR Goals

No matter your level of expertise you can magnify your success.

Life Changing Scientifically Proven Coaching. 

  • Strategies and Habits to have more ENERGY and clear PERSPECTIVE.    
  • It's YOUR personal customized journey. NOT a one size fits all.  
  • Tools to find and keep in touch with motivation and accountability.   
  • Take what you're passionate about, develop action steps and accountability.  I'll walk you through the process.  
  • Design for REAL transformation over the long term, not a quick fix. 
  • I’ll teach you how to maximize your time so you can accomplish your priorities and take care of YOU. 
  • Free up the mental fog to overcome overwhelm and stagnancy.  Gain balance.  

You will be building new habits, using scientifically proven tools and creating new relationships with others on a similar journey. Each member has an individualized journey.

I'll show you how, step by step.  You'll be supported and best of all, we'll have fun in the process. 

You're on your way to designing and achieving a journey of your dreams!

Let's get Coaching Today. 

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