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LIFE isn't supposed to be confusing. Are you ready to get rid of frustration and struggle? 

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Certified High Performance Coaching with Leann is all about Designing a Life You Love.
Your best life...
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My focus is to help you to design a life you love.  A life to be purposefully alive, with more energy, healthy balance & boundaries, and forward action steps for results that make you PROUD of living!




Confused about how to get there?  Perfect. That's a part of the journey! 

I'm here for you.  I'll coach using Certified High Performance Coaching and: 

  • Share tools and techniques to help you reflect on your life and desires.
  • Walk with you through specific topics scientifically proven to bring more of the best to serve YOU.
  • Help you discover areas where you may be accidentally sabotaging your success and how to overcome challenges. 
  • I'll guide you through the painful frustration, avoid further mistakes and missed opportunities with guidance to design a LIFE you can wake up enjoying life with a vision.      

Together we look at many aspects of life based on a holistic perspective.  Raising levels of performance in all of life (a whole life philosophy): 


Coaching with Leann is a Perfect for You if:

You 're ready for higher levels of clarity, perspective, energy, courage, productivity, influence and HIGHER levels of personal and professional SUCCESS.

  • Does the idea of gaining new insights, strategies, fresh ideas, and tools with dedication inspire you?
  • Are you committed to being fully present on our scheduled coaching calls? 
  • Are you willing to consider new strategies and mindset for your life?  Stretch your old ideas and ways of doing things?
  • Do you believe having an elite coach to cheer you on, challenge you, and most importantly, help you reach your next level and designing your best life, is your next best step?  

Certified High Performance Coaching - Design Your LIFE

Want MORE? Clarity and Connection. Healthy Energy.  Personal & Professional Balance & Success. Wealth Building.    

During our sessions, we will talk a lot about actions resulting in more focus toward your productive, influential, and successful LIFE goals.  

So many people are struggling, bored, or feel trapped.   

As your COACH I will:  

  • ASK questions to inspire discovery and challenge your mindset away from distractions to new strategies to help you WIN the day and CONQUER your success.  
  • TEACH you how to be more effective over the LONG term, and best of all, you'll be armed with actions steps to get you on the fast track.  
  • CHEER you on all the way. 

These are the same strategies THE most accomplished people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive.

Learning & Implementing these methods will transform your life. It's scientifically proven! 


Start Certified High Performance Coaching Today

It's vital we are a fit for working working together.
So important, I'm willing to give you a FREE Strategy Coaching Session.

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Pricing and Exclusive Bonuses

One-to-One Personal Certified High Performance Coaching.  

Coaching Includes: 

  • Twelve (12) 60 Minute, private sessions.  
  • Recording of our calls, if you would like
  • Emails each week summarizing and reflecting upon our session (These have been a favorite)
  • Proven tools, techniques, strategies, and action steps  used each week to accelerate your understanding, growth, and to keep your eye on the prize (your goals and dreams).


  • Ticket to High Performance Academy LIVE Event.  ($397 Value). *If offered due to COVID, it could be cancelled or virtual.

My first time at High Performance Academy was life changing and I hope it will be for you as well.   During this 3 day event, you will join other high achievers to learn from my mentor/trainer, Brendon Burchard.  

If you're like me, you will have the time of your life and come home renewed, inspired, and ready to charge forward in our coaching sessions.  Most profoundly, expand success and happiness in LIFE.  Limited Availability.  

  • Online Community
  • Personal Journal and Pen- Don’t waste a single second thinking you will be able to process all the great information and insights each week.  The importance is documented and even more so now that you are taking your life, career, and relationships to the next level.  I'll  make it easy by giving you a personal journal and pen to create a special time of reflections as your journey takes you toward your goals!
  •  ***Surprise Personalized Bonus:


Ready to leave frustrations and confusion about next steps in life, struggles being heard and understood, and distractions eating up your time?  Ready for more freedom?  

Register now for this transformational opportunity to work with Leann for your best life and let's get going to implement the tools of the world's highest performers. 

I'm so CONFIDENT in Certified High Performance Coaching AND my professional education and experience, that I am giving you a risk-free guarantee! That’s right, if you get through the first coaching session and don't think this is going to move the needle for you for any reason, simply email me and I'll send you a refund.  

Payment Options

Save 10% Upfront Discount - $3997.00  Includes several exclusive bonuses.  


Payment Plan - Three (3) monthly payments of $1497.  Includes exclusive bonuses.  


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