What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about 1031X

April Meeting:  Portland Passive Income Investor's Group.  

  • Plan for future investments.  
  • Make better investment decisions with more information.  
  • Be informed of tax liability options and if deferring paying taxes makes sense for your situation, BEFORE you sell.  
  • AND have fun doing it!  

We have the privilege of having an attorney and owner of a successful 1031 Exchange business with 25 years experience specializing in 1031, share with us this month.  

"What Every Investor Needs to Know about 1031 Exchange", even in the Portland Metro market.  War stories thrown in for extra learning and humor.  Bring your questions and ideas for tentative future plans to run by  and we'll all gain value from the discussion.  I've used them for immediate and help with future planning.  Think you will enjoy.  

Looking forward to seeing you there.  

 Click here for sign in and meeting location. Looking forward to a great collaboration

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I have a great passion for helping individuals find their path to their best life and financial success.  I am a real estate investor with diverse experience of ownership from rentals to a motorcycle dealership and several other interesting things in between.  With over 25 years of experience as an investor and teacher I’m excited to share proven success found using certified high performance coaching and connecting clients to brokers to fit into their financial plans.   

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