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Question 1 of 28


Hello, I'm so glad you're here.  


Please enjoy this process of self-discovery and reflection. Your favorite beverage is always encouraged. 


For my part, I will "listen" to what's most important to you, where you're struggling, and where you're confident.  Completing this will help me serve you and others to implement more of your deep desires, overcome accidental sabotage, move through life's transitions, and find BALANCE to have more, and Design a Life You Love.  


It's just between you and me, so be yourself. Trust is paramount in a relationship.  I'll always do my best to bring trust and integrity to all interactions. I encourage you to do the same.  


How long does this take? 

About 15 minutes. This a tool. You can gain a lot of insight and even release struggle from these moments of reflection.  It's a process of discovery. Feel free to dig out a journal or notes app to highlight some treasures you discover along the way.  Just remember to relax and enjoy.    



You are going to love this.  Please be present as you fill out this questionnaire.  




I'm very glad to meet you. what's your First and Last Name?


**For all questions - please place your answer in the box.  

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All of your answers are very helpful in putting Brilliant Ladies together for connection and support. Your answers will not be shared without your permission.   



Have you noticed life experiences of a person in their 20s vs in their 60s are SO different? Similarly, if one has been married for decades versus being single.


 Date of Birth - yes the real full date.  Believe me I understand if you're sensitive about this and if so, I've gotcha. We'll be coaching around letting go of society's messages that we have all received, creating a feeling of "less than", especially for us ladies. After almost dying a couple of years ago, among other things, helped me understand how fortunate I am to be getting older.  



(Please place your answer in the box below.) 

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Relationship Status.  Remember - There is no better or best.  













Question 4 of 28


We are a gorgeous bouquet of diversity, not just the way we look on the outside, also our experiences, relationships, faith walk, needs, and ambitions.


I want to honor your life to the best of my ability.  Included in this questionnaire are specific questions to help me serve all of you ladies.  Please know that I hold your answers with respect and will not share them unless I have received your permission. 


Have fun, and please don't expect to have the "right" answers because well, it's about your important thoughts, life path, and desires. You will often hear me say, "life is practice, not perfection".


Enjoy the process.  ~Leann


What is some small thing you do to relax/restore in the middle of a stressful day? 

Question 5 of 28

Which area(s) of your life would you like to improve?


(Select all that apply)

Relationship and Connection.


A better understanding of money, providing a safety net, and building wealth.


Parenting to reduce stress, increase peace & fun with your family, and create a positive home life.


Being more clear, effective, focus, and getting more done in less time.


More inner balance, calm, and connection with my faith


Healthy boundaries. Learning how to calming and confidently implement in your life to bring more energy and peace.

Question 6 of 28

I have decades of experience helping people with life and money.  I use scientifically proven methods to help you on your journey. 


Please rate yourself in the following area of your life on a scale of  1 (lowest) to 10 (highest): 


CLARITY:  Do you feel you are clear about who you are, your purpose,  and your direction in life?  


 *Please place your answer in the box below.  

Question 7 of 28

ENERGY:  Do you consistently have enough mental and physical energy needed to excel, accomplish your goals, and feel motivated and happy? 


*Please place your answer in the box below.  Rating number 1 - 10

Question 8 of 28

COURAGE:  Do you take action and consistently express who you truly are and what you truly think, need, and desire with the world?    


*Please place your answer in the box below.  Rating number 1 - 10

Question 9 of 28

PRODUCTIVITY:  Are you consistently focused and effective, and are you good at minimizing distractions, maintaining priorities, making time for the things you need to get accomplished?  


*Please place your answer in the box below.  Rating number 1 - 10

Question 10 of 28


INFLUENCE:  Do you feel you have the social influence with your partner, family, friends, and team needed to accomplish your goals? In other words, do you feel heard and understood? 


*Please place your answer in the box below.  Rating number 1 - 10

Question 11 of 28

Life and this questionnaire have NOTHING to do with's ALL about discovery. You deserve a better life.  A life designed to have more consistent joy, clarity, and purpose, and you can get you there. 


A life with more dedication to what's important to YOU. A successful journey forward to a healthy balanced life, charged with JOY. Walking in your values and faith. Brimming with healthy vibrant relationships. Productive days. Energy. Restful nights. I'm on your team.


Along with my guidance, teaching, and coaching, this group is an avenue for support. 



Did I mention... this is a no-judgment zone as well as the Brilliant Ladies coaching group! 

Our life experiences are important.  


Being a stay-at-home parent/homemaker is a career and a darn tough one even though society is still learning to honor that, so please give yourself credit if that's your path.  No matter your answer, please write your truth. 


Homemaker, Baker, Manager, Electrician, etc.  What do you do for a living, and why did you choose that career?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 12 of 28

What are the top 3 goals that you are striving to achieve right now? 


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 13 of 28

What major stressors or challenges are you struggling with right now?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 14 of 28

When you feel like your most successful and happy self, what makes you feel that way?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 15 of 28


What would your dream life be like if you could wave a wand and make it happen? What has prevented you from having that dream life?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 16 of 28

What goal or dream have you ever given up or failed at?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 17 of 28


What 3 big changes would you like to make in your life in the next 12 months?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 18 of 28

What are you most proud of and excited about in your life?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 19 of 28

You're doing great. Keep going!  




1. What negative recurring thoughts, fears, or behaviors would you like to overcome in order to feel more psychologically free, confident and successful?  


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 20 of 28

2. What eating, exercise or general health habits would you like to begin or break in order to feel stronger and more healthy physiologically? 


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 21 of 28

3. What distracts you the most from being productive, and what major projects or missions are you struggling to complete faster or more efficiently?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 22 of 28

4. If you were more persuasive or influential, what dream or desire would you ask others to support you in achieving? Is this question easy or hard for you to answer?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 23 of 28

5. When do you struggle to be more fully present in your day or in any of your relationships?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 24 of 28

6.  How purposeful do you feel in living each day, and how would you do describe your purpose?


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 25 of 28

Which DAYS and TIMES can fit into your schedule?


You will be placed in a group after registration.  I will contact you so you can mark your calendar as soon as possible.  We meet LIVE on Zoom and in your member's library, alternating each week. Bonuses for those attending and an opportunity to get your questions answered in the session or via posting on the Brilliant Ladies Membership-only social group.   


Sessions, video enrichments, and all homework will be in your private member's area. Plus Brilliant Ladies Membership-only social group.  It's always there for you as a member.   



*Don't see a time that is possible for your schedule?  I have a couple of options. 

_Message me at the bottom of this questionnaire with 3 days and times when you can consistently be available, then invite your friends.  We might be able to put together a group! 

_Work a weird shift or need to get the babies asleep for coaching time, no worries, you can still join via your member's area and  Brilliant Ladies Membership-only social group.    



(Select all that apply)

Tuesday, 6:30 pm (evening) start time.


Wednesday, 11 am (morning) start time.


Thursday, 8 am (morning) start time.

Question 26 of 28


7. Why would you like to work with Leann and be a part of the Brilliant Ladies Life Coaching Group?   


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 27 of 28

8. Why do you feel you could be a great student or coaching client and an asset to the group? 


*Please place your answer in the box below.

Question 28 of 28

"Let me rise above my fear and soar like the one I am meant to be"




You did it! 


Thank you so much for completing this and your dedication to being BRILLANT!  


Step #1 is complete.  


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