Join me for coffee! HOMESCHOOL EDITION

Coffee with Leann has shifted--it's now the HOMESCHOOLING EDITION!!!
$14.97 per session

I'll lead the conversation to create a safe space to bring your concerns, we'll brainstorm, encourage, and I'll coach with tips that you can implement immediately.
Bring your topics and concerns, and learn new ways to cope and have more fun while juggling life. Be encouraged and get new ideas of how to thrive in these uncertain times. You don't have to go it alone.

There's a lot going on right now AND now you're homeschooling! 
With all that's going on in the world, life is difficult. The shops are shutdown, we can't go out to our favorite places, we're juggling working from home and trying to care for our self & loved ones....AND the kids are HOME needing us in a new way! 
There's a lot we CAN do...we can connect, have coffee and learn some new skills.  You bring your coffee (or other favorite beverage) and I'll bring the ZOOM link to connect us. Invite your friends!  
You'll be able to ask questions, get homeschooling information, learn more ways to balance work, kids, laundry, emotions, and etc. I'm been there, I can help. 
It's only $14.97. Give it a try.  Try it FREE with coupon code 1stFREE at checkout.  
You'll get the benefit of my experience homeschooling &  helping others homeschool, while running a business.  It was intense but it can be done!  Now I'm a professional certified life coach. 
Join me for this genuinely unique opportunity.  Feel more empowered, confident, calm, and have more energy!  

**I'm continuing to automate as I go along, so I can keep up too! Please excuse the process. Any concerns or questions, email me at [email protected] and join my Facebook Group Leann Hall - Design a Life You Love for more great conversations and connection with others.  

What's next.

Get registered for the next call.    

You'll get an email with confirmed times, dates, and Zoom link. Enjoy your COFFEE (or favorite beverage) and connecting with me, a professional Life Coach and 15+ year experienced HOMESCHOOL mom, plus other people going through this too. 
Coffee is coming up this week! I'll get you all the details and keep you in the loop via email for the topics, date and time.  Plan about 45 minutes to enjoy coffee with me and others. 
A way to cope with the concerns of today, we'll have fun.   #StayHomeStaySafe
Coffee with Leann--HOMESCHOOL EDITION--Let's do this!

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My name is Leann and I'm a Certified Life Coach and 15+ year experienced homeschool mom. I'm excited to be able to contribute during this unexpected change and use my training along with my experience homeschooling my 3 children while juggling demands of running a household and a business. Join me at the next call and enjoy this cray cray low price in this time of great need. 
This is for you!     


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Join me for coffee! HOMESCHOOL EDITION